Did you ever eat on a Double Decker Bus, legally ??? Now You Can.

Never seen on The Streets !!!

Yes, HERE WE ARE, Back and Stronger. Ready to serve our Delicious Food with

four screens installed and new technical features on board.

We are still planning the whole season but it seems there is going to be a lot

of food to be prepared and miles to be run, not just in London.








This is Our short Story:

In the beginnning, we saw the light, that was the Time for Thoughts.

We bought the Bus and created our Menù.

Next came the Time for Building, Hacking and Spotting Places to Trade.

This is now the Tiime to do what we've been working for.

A bit more than one year. It's been long but fast at the same time.

We could have been faster without a lot of issues found along our way,

errors and mitakes that could be avoided, but somehow we survived. ;)

At the same time we could have been very much slower without the help of many friends,

old and new that liked our concept.

A Very special thanks has to be made to our Super Chef Myra and to our amazing staff,

Nando and Daniela and Keith, who always believed in Just FaB, even during the hardest time.

Just FaB will never stop to say thank to all of you ... FRIENDS, a word not so common in our Beloved London.

Just to mention the first I think about: Fabio Pa, Fabio Boat, Emiliano, Scooby, Nadia, Alessandro AxP Media, Claudia, Daniele, Alessio, Daniele.

Special mention for Fabrizio that joined the project, Margherita our graphic designer and Lulli for our food pictures.

Those are the ones who helped me a lot, but there are several friends, really a lot.

Again We would like to thank you all.

NOW is really the Time to come out taking part in Street Markets,

Festival, Private Hiring and Events and present ourself.

Spread the word for Natural more than Junk Food.

Useless to explain I guess.

Feel free to visit us in one of our next scheduled Missions,

or to one of our future workshop on the bus ...

... Stay Tuned.


Just For Foodies and Friends:

so be ready to download the app and rate us !!! ;)

  • Ever heard about Grub Club ? Coming soon in Hackney Wick.


More detailed news to come.

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where we are going to be.


Otherwise just check our Just FaB Web-Gallery to see the bus and our food.


This is the next 2 weeks program:

  • April 18 Urban Street Feast - Shoreditch High Street
  • April 25 Urban Street Feast - Shoreditch High Street
  • May 2-3-4 Weymouth Kyte Festival

we wait to tell you where and when but consider these locations:


  • Richmond
  • Alexandra Palace
  • Clapham Common
  • Cornwall

We hope to see you soon on our Bus


Just FaB Team







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