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Just FaB Vegan Italian Food Bus is inspired by the street food scene in Sicily; Even through the credit crisis, food trucks remained popular throughout the region and Fabio Pironti dreamed of reinterpreting the philosophy of Sicilian food trucks to bring his mamma’s vegan cooking to the streets of London.

Fabio converted the double decker red bus in 2014, keeping as many original features as possible and upcycling material to create a unique dining space within a London icon. The food bus began its life wandering the festival scene for one year before becoming fixed in September 2015 in the heart of Hackney.

In keeping with the spirit of Sicilian food trucks, Just FaB is a true family venture. Fabio’s own mamma Myra moved over from Sicily to help create the menu. A vegan herself since 20 years, Myra is passionate about reinventing traditional Italian food to a vegan version.

Specialty Sicilian ingredients (such as the fiery chilli oil) are sourced from family farms and businesses in Sicily.
“Where possible our ingredients are organic and we have a zero-mileage policy, sourcing as many ingredients locally as we can”, says Fabio.“Our bread is made by professional backers and come in two kind Focaccia and Ciabatta, both amazing”.

The dynamic space outside the bus – The Yard – has been created using reclaimed pallets and benches.
"We run an ever-changing schedule of events in The Yard – our neighbour, the BlundaBus, is running comedy nights every Friday and we occasionally screen movies in the yard."
Come on down to the Just FaB Veg-Italian Double Decker Bus and discover a new interpretation of Italian cuisine !

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Photo of Fabio Pironti

Fabio Pironti

Photo of Myra Panascia

Myra Panascia